Allen Hall Advertising

For the past ten years, the UO’s New Venture Championship (NVC) has provided a way for the Lundquist College of Business to collaborate with the School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). Allen Hall Advertising (AHA), the advertising agency in the journalism school, creates and implements a campaign and materials for the competition.

The relationship started in 2003 when SOJC advertising faculty member Dave Koranda worked with professors in the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship to find a way to bring the two schools closer. Koranda realized when looking at the business plans for the entrepreneur competition class that they had brilliant businesses and innovative technologies, but the business plans lacked a communication aspect. From this insight, he created an NVC course in the SOJC that worked on creating communication plans for NVC teams and promoting the event in new ways.

TimBoyle2 Tim Boyle, president and chief executive officer at Columbia Sportswear, believed in the idea so much he sponsored the relationship. His funds give AHA the budget to create and place advertisements that can be seen all over Portland and help the NVC winner have the monetary start they need to build its business. Boyle studied both journalism and business at the University of Oregon and served as the co-chair of Campaign Oregon. Through Boyle’s investment, NVC is the prestigious competition it is today, and students across multiple fields get real-world experience that helps them hone and develop their talents.

“It benefits the journalism school because it’s a good training ground,” says Koranda. “It benefits the business school because students who are trained in advertising, planning, and communication are creating all the communication and promotional materials.”

Currently, AHA is a group of nine journalism students who do the communication and advertising for the international business competition. This involves placing ads, developing creative marketing techniques, and generating hype around Portland. It is an experience that allows us to work with a client and develop and place our work to be seen in real places.