2017 Competition

The 2017 New Venture Championship

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First place:
Intelligent Flying Machines
Northwestern University
Second place:
MITO Material Solutions
Oklahoma State University
Finalist runners up:
Integrated Extraction
University of Michigan
Surface Mod
University of Arkansas

Intelligent Flying Machines from Northwestern University placed first and will receive $20,000 to launch their venture. Intelligent Flying Machines is a data analytics company that uses machine learning, computer vision, and robotics to automate indoor data capture. With partners in industry and customers across automotive manufacturing and logistics, IFM uses technology to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and unleash productivity in the workforce.

MITO Material Solutions from Oklahoma State University placed second and will receive $10,000 for their endeavor. MITO Material Solutions sells adhesive epoxy additives which allow manufacturers to double the durability or significantly decrease the weight of composite materials utilized in the aerospace, recreation, and automotive industries.

In addition to the grand prizes, Integrated Extraction from the University of Michigan and Surface Mod from the University of Arkansas each received $2,500 as finalist runners up. NVC judges also awarded prizes to the following groups:
Best Elevator Pitch ($1,500): Suface Mod, University of Arkansas
Best at Trade Show ($1,500): BlueGreen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Best Written Plan ($1,500): Suface Mod, University of Arkansas
Palo Alto Software Best One Page Pitch ($1,000): MITO Material Solutions, Oklahoma State University
Sustainability Challenge Award ($1000): BlueGreen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Teams that did not qualify for the final round participated in the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Lightning Round. Four teams won their Lightning Round Track and $1,500 each. These winners include Universal Prosthetics from the University of Iowa, acion from the University of Louisville, Tri-D Dynamics from Purdue University, and Pdvice from the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration. The remaining teams were awarded $750 each as Lightning Round runners-up.

Previously for graduate students only, this year the weekend-long competition included undergraduate and high school students for the first time in its history. After taking part in a similar statewide competition, GobTech from Oregon State University took home the Undergraduate Business Concept Award and $1,500. High school student KK Kaonohi won the High School All-Stars Scholarship Award after participating in events surrounding the Young Entrepreneurs Business Week and was awarded $1,500 towards a University of Oregon or Oregon State University scholarship.

 2017 Semifinalist Teams

  • WEAV3D – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • EBV Hydrogen Solutions – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Intelligent Flying Machines, Inc. – Northwestern University
  • MITO Material Solutions – Oklahoma State University
  • Tri-D Dynamics – Purdue University
  • PDvice – Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
  • GrowMaxx Global – Thammasat University
  • BioGram, LLC – University of Alabama
  • Surface Mod – University of Arkansas
  • OrganicMatters – University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Universal Prosthetics, LLC – University of Iowa
  • acion, LLC – University of Louisville
  • Paramergent – University of Manitoba
  • Integrated Extraction – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Core 4 Biologix -University of Oregon
  • Smart Bandage – University of Waterloo