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agcerezAG cerez
1st place 2013
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration

Ag cerez commercialized L’amai, a ‘prebiotic’ syrup that can be used as a sugar replacement in tea, coffee, yogurt, baking, etc. The syrup stimulates the  growth of good bacteria in the digestive system, which results in higher calcium and mineral absorption, stronger immune system, lower risk of colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disorders, and intestinal regularity.


bmbBoston Mountain Biotech LLC
2nd place 2012
University of Arkansas

Boston Mountain Biotech aspires to be the number one supplier of custom protein purification solutions by 2018. Their technology, Lotus, simplifies the protein drug development and manufacturing process through genetic optimization and filtration.


kttapeKT Tape
1st place 2009
Brigham Young University

After winning NVC in 2009, KT Tape gained popularity through athlete support, including Kerri Walsh Jennings, during the Olympic games. Kinesiology tape is applied along tendons, ligaments, and muscles to reduce pain both during and after athletics.


2nd place 2008
Brigham Young University

Klymit offers outdoor gear with adjustable insulation. Their NobleTek Technology puts an end to multiple layers by allowing you to customize your warmth by the turn of a knob. They offer sleeping pads, vests, jackets and other outdoor gear that help you keep warmer as you camp, hike, or hunt.


3rd place 2005
University of Oregon

Perpetua’s Power Pluck is a battery replacement for transceivers and sensors. By using temperature change, the Power Pluck produces electrical output that is both environmentally friendly and long lasting.


incycleMicroGREEN Polymers, Inc.
3rd place 2003
University of Washington

MicroGreen offers a lightweight plastic cup that reduces the carbon footprint and the amount of recycled content. Due to Ad-Air Technology, this environmentally friendly cup can hold both hot and cold liquids and has comparable stiffness to existing disposable cups.


xoranXoran Technologies
2nd place 2002
University of Michigan

Xoran improves the medical world by providing an efficient and safe way for doctors to administer CT scans. Their three products, the MiniCAT, the xCAT, and XoranConnect, are low radiation dose scanners that allow doctors to effectively make correct diagnoses.


splitSplit Engineering
1st place 1997
University of Arizona

For more than ten years, members of the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering at University of Arizona researched Split image processing software before founding Split Engineering LLC. This software allows miners to mass characterize the rock and identify fractures without human bias.